Achieving Your Life's Goals and Dreams
Is Easier Than You Think, Once You Know How
Your Powerful Brain Works and Once You
Understand The Laws of The Universe!



REVEALED: How to effortlessly unlock the avalanche of financial abundance, happiness and unrestrained joy your soul is craving!

WARNING: Be careful of what you wish for. This method is so powerful and effective, your results may occur instantaneously.
My methods have nothing to do with manipulating stocks or investments of any kind! It has to do with well guarded secrets, passed on through centuries and a cutting edge science providing the proof of how these methods actually work!!!


Nothing can truly prepare you for what you are about to read! Sit back, relax and think for a minute. Have you ever felt successful, on top of the world, and really proud of yourself? I can give you that feeling back, as the knowledge I can give you is truly priceless and life changing. Read on and find out why I am so excited about it...

ear Friend,
My name is Robert Simic and you may or may not know who I am and that is fine. However, what I want to show you and share with you can make the next few minutes the most significant few minutes of the rest of your life.

While I admit, I'm not fully living the life of my dreams... I'm certainly not living the former nightmare life I had, and I have an overflowing abundance of gratitude for what I am experiencing right now in my life.

I look forward to each day, blessed and grateful... not only because of what I get, it's because of what I'm able to give.

But it wasn’t always like that. I was born in a working family and went to public schools to learn about life and get the education I needed. I was taught from my parents to respect and love people, to learn and study hard in school, get good grades and qualify for a good and decent job, find my mate, work HARD and cater for my retirement…

What a life, huh? Worth living?
Unless that is what you actually want - No way! I wanted more and I was often re-questioning my beliefs and values. I always felt greedy in a way, why did I want more than my friends, was I cursed and was something wrong with me? Why couldn’t I settle for less?

I have often heard “Money is evil, money can’t buy you happiness”… oh were they wrong to think that way. I am telling you this with a rather large grin on my face – Money can buy you happiness and money is not evil! People have a choice what they do with their money and it can be used for good or bad, but money is never evil, it’s its owner that makes the difference.

Where am I going with this? I just wanted to take that out of your way – it’s OK to want more and it’s great to be rich! I believe that it’s our purpose on this planet to help and serve one another. How am I going to help anyone if I am poor and feeling miserable, feeling left out from the world, from God?  With that attitude and bitterness in one’s soul, it’s hard to inspire or help anyone. It just can’t be an option. It’s unnatural in the first place. Look at the nature around you! It’s always for growth, for expansion, never for disintegration.

Once I realized that, I found peace within. I was OK. I was normal and it was Ok to desire riches and a better life. Mom working two jobs and dad being a cab driver was hardly an inspiration for me. Always more month left after their salaries was hardly something to look forward to! And I set my course to find the solution, to help myself and others in need. I wanted to be a millionaire and to take care of my parents and my family. I never wanted my son to worry about money.


It's Not Your Fault! You just didn't know better...

he journey was the most amazing one. I learned so much from other successful people, from my own decisions and mistakes along the way. I finally reached the point where I had it all. But my plan didn’t work that well as I had planned. For one, my dad is not around anymore. He killed himself not being able to cope with the pressure about money and battling trying to keep ends meet. What a tragic lesson was there for me. I wasn’t even there. I wasn’t there for many years actually, wandering the world, seeking for that one thing that will change it all for me.

I was washing dishes in restaurants, washing cars in a rent-a-car office in Myconos island, Greece, working night shifts (manual labor) in Stuttgart, Germany… I had plans to go to USA or to Canada, but I ended up in South Africa… one constant search for money and a better life. Keeping in touch with my family but not having a clue of the actual mind state my dad was in. And one day he was gone, just like that. I never reached him in time, never got a chance to help him out financially. I could hardly help myself at that stage. And I swore to myself to keep going until I reach my goals, keep studying life as someone has to have an answer. Not everybody was born rich, so I should have a fair chance to find the way too, not so?

I was buying every second book out there, books on success, human development, money, faith, attitude, destiny, God… I was looking for answers everywhere. I have books dating as far as 1911. That is how far my research has brought me. But nobody has taught me the most important thing in the world: It was not about the knowledge - it was about the APPLICATION of the knowledge! I heard that statement first from John Assaraf. He is the man I owe my awakening to. He taught me what no one else could. He taught me about our minds, about its vast power and how to tap into that power. He showed me that we all live in a jail, without even knowing that we are in one! And none of his teaching is a “believe me, it works” kind of thing! It’s all pure science, only factual stuff, easy to understand and to follow through. That is the main reason why it worked for me in the first place, unlike anything else before.

You see, since I was a kid, I wanted to have a big house for me and my family. Yet, despite having that dream, the big house never came. I did have a really nice house at approximately 60 square meters and I was really grateful for it. However, I knew that God had more for me.

John Assaraf has taught me about the power of visualization, and long before he was in "The Secret", he inspired me. He told me how he cut out a picture of his dream house, posted it to his vision board and would visualize having it.

That made me think, "Heck, it worked in helping him making millions of dollars in his business, and since it worked for John to get his dream house, why not visualize my dream house too?"

I started to feel a little guilty though. Was it wrong of me to want to enjoy the best God has to offer? Was it wrong for me to visualize material things?

And then, Steven Pierce pointed out that while he was searching the Bible and studying wealth, he found that the desire was not only natural, but also a healthy part of life, because it feeds our natural and organic desire to grow, expand and multiply in life. Life is always for expansion!

And his inspiration came from when he read Ezekiel 41:18-20,25 in the Bible. This is an amazing account of Ezekiel visualizing the temple in vivid detail before it was very built. This got me very excited!

So, off I went. I started to visualize everyday of my wife and I having our own "big house".

Well... here I am today, in my "big house", living in a Golf Estate, surrounded by green grass, a lake and a bird sanctuary. I also managed to manifest my Audi A6 3.0TDI Quattro (I always wanted one). Click on the images below to see what I've managed to achieve so far. I've been traveling the world, staying in luxury hotels, luxury safaris, skydiving, traveling in style, enjoying life, bought every possible gadget you could imagine. If I wanted it - I've got it!

What is important for you to understand is that all this has happened to me in last 10 months!!! Two years ago, I was retrenched (fancy way of being fired), stuck with my installments for the house, car, etc... When I look back now, that was the best thing that could happen to me!

I have managed to create around 80% of my dreams already and I know by now that NOTHING can stop me. I am fully confident that the knowledge I will pass on to you will have the same effect on you! Once you understand what I am talking about, you will realize why I can make such statement. Stay tuned for more photos, as with my achievements, my dreams have also gone bigger and bigger!!!

How about you? What are you waiting for? Don't you want to start living the life the way it is supposed to be lived? Don't you want to join 3% of the population that took the responsibility for their own lives and made a lasting change in their bank accounts, health and relationships?

Here's what I made for you:


 combined what I learned from John and from a few wonderful people like Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, etc… added my own thoughts and experiences of course, and made it a first 21st century Life Guide. I call it: The Ultimate Life Guide as I strongly believe that’s just what it is! No nonsense, no fluff, only necessities and straight to the point facts and instructions. I could easily make it 500 pages long, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted you to spend 2-3 hours reading and digesting this info. Then to read it again and start comprehending it all, getting used to these new facts. Read it again and start planning your dreams, start applying the knowledge presented, get out of the jail you are in and start LIVING LIFE to the fullest!!!

I’ll stop right here and offer you to download an extract from my guide, ($27 value) free of charge. Its purpose is to show you that I am not all words – it will show you exactly what jail I am talking about and why do I call it that way-Just click here

And now that I earned some credit with you, how did it feel finding out that you are only 2-4% in charge of all your decisions and behaviors consciously? How do you feel about that awesome power your brain actually has? How does it feel finding out that failures in your life were not really your fault, at least not on the conscious level? It was a relief for me, I must say! But at the same time, these new findings will bring your awareness to a new level, giving you strength to accept your total responsibility for your life and future ahead! From now on, all the credit for your results (good or bad) will be directly your fault! No excuses anymore like “I didn’t know better”.

Decide right now that you won’t accept anything but success from now on, take CONTROL over your life and choose to take the road less traveled! Enrich yourself with this priceless knowledge and start living the life of your dreams.

I have combined these new cutting edge science discoveries with ancient knowledge and this perfect marriage was what I needed to make a breakthrough in my life. This guide was actually never to be written, I was simply teaching my students on a one-on-one basis or in a very small group setting. It started as a reference book for me and my seminar, and it got bigger and expanded every week or so. Eventually, it turned out to be a perfect self study guide as it contained all my thoughts; it became sufficient on its own.

Due to time constraints, I could only give myself to a few students a week and it was my “giving it back”. But with a strong desire to spread this knowledge to a much wider audience, I decided to make it much more affordable to anyone interested in changing their lives – this time for real! I won’t say bad things about other “fortune making solutions”, but there is nothing out there on the market that comes even close to this guide! One really priceless and complete guide, with step by step instructions, is all you will ever need to make this lasting change towards your goals, one true EYE OPENER!

Call it supercharged serendipity, even blessed luck. It is when things go your way and all you can do is shout to the heavens, "Thank you!"

That's what I've done for you.


nd if you have seen and liked the DVD "The Secret" - then multiply it by 1000 times and you'll get my guide. The Secret merely touched the subject of the Law of the Attraction and never explained it in full nor gave you any practical advice but to have positive thoughts. I go way beyond that, explaining not just the law of Attraction, but all the other natural laws and you'll finish reading my guide with an epiphany, blinds will be taken off and you WILL start living a new life IMMEDIATELY - you'll fully understand how it all works, now and forever.

It is well worth your time. Can you afford it? I am sure you can, if you believe that you are worth it! Frankly, you actually can't afford to pass on it!!! I’ve been charging my students from $1,000 to $5,000 for my seminars. My time is very precious and I also needed them to be dead serious about the journey they were about to start. Unfortunately, people tend to listen more carefully when they spend a significant amount of money. It’s just the way it is. I had to think long and hard about putting a price tag on my guide on its own. How do I make it expensive enough (so you care about it weeks later) and affordable enough in the same time? I can’t have different prices for various people, like I do with my seminars. My goal is to help you, that is my priority. Consider yourself fortunate enough for finding this webpage.


And before you carry on reading, I want you to think about a few questions below:

Have you ever made a really good purchase in your life?

What was it?

How did you feel about it after you bought it?

What made you take that decision in the first place?

Was it a gut feeling and you just knew that it was the right thing to do?


If you can remember such a purchase clearly, THAT is how you need to feel about my guide or this deal is not for you, at least not yet. You can't be ready for it, unless you simply KNOW that this is what you've been waiting for all these years. Do you KNOW if this is for you? If you do, read on...

Yes Robert, I Want To
Experience Success In My Life

What is included in this valuable package?

The Ultimate Life Guide Ebook
- downloadable immediately, you can read it on your screen or print it out and read it offline, like any normal book.

You will learn:

- How powerful your brain is
- Exactly how your brain operates and why that is CRUCIAL for you to understand
- How to tap into the vast power of your brain
- How to program yourself for total success and make a lasting change
- 7 Natural Laws explained in detail so you can USE them to your benefit
(The Law of Attraction included)
- Step by step instructions on what to do to and how to create a life of your dreams


- Brain waves
- The Power of Will
- Faith
- Gratitude
- Decision making
- The Risk taking
- Money

Above topics covered and explained why they are important and how they link to all the knowledge presented in my guide. Tremendous value.

Because I strongly believe that the book alone is never as good as the personal interaction, I'll include this valuable bonus with your purchase:
30 days of email support
. Choose your questions properly, be precise and concise and I will respond to you, taking care of any concern of yours. I respond to these emails personally as I don't want to hear: "You can't ask the book a question". Now you can! No one ever had my time for such a low price.


- Full package with 30 days email support -
only $147

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I promise that I will take notes on each topic covered and will then use those notes to apply the secrets I learn into my own life.

I understand that immediately upon placing my order, I will be redirected to a download page where I can access and download The Ultimate Life Guide home study course.

I agree that this is the biggest "no brainer" deal and that I have nothing to lose. It feels right, and I believe that this information will show me how to finally take the control over my life.

I have a full 8 weeks to test drive this Home Study Course and know that if I am not happy with my purchase for ANY reason, that I can simply  get ALL my money back, no questions asked!


The Ultimate Life Guide
Home Study Course



The Ultimate Life Guide Home Study Course
6 Bonus Reports
30 days Email support

$147 USD
(For A Very Limited Time)

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- Unsolicited Testimonials -

"Thank you Robert - you are a gift to us all. And, my inner self-doubt and fear of failure have actually disappeared. This is truly amazing!”
- Steve, Houston, TX


“From day one, I suddenly noticed a change within myself. I feel so confident, peaceful, and unlimited. I feel like I can accomplish anything!
 - Deborah, Saint Louis, MO


"Hi Robert,
Read it, Love it!!!!! It all makes complete sense and I especially value all the scientific data you put with it. I will write again to let you know how it's working.

Thank you for the affordable price.

With 4 kids I have a problem with debt as well but that's going Bye-bye asap.

Thank you again for the wonderful knowledge I'm putting into practice today."

Kindest regards,
Gina Morin, South Africa


“I used to work at a job that was extremely boring, because that was all I thought I deserve. I never though I could achieve great things in life (until now).

Within 4 weeks of beginning applying The Ultimate Life Guide, I've found a new job, on track to earn THREE TIMES what I used to earn!

I've magically created a beautiful new woman in my life. I couldn't be happier right now, and I don't seem to stress as much. Robert, when you said "Life can be good, it's up to us”, I didn't really understand what you meant until I read your guide.

And I just wanted to THANK YOU. You do deliver as promissed, you did set me free, Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

David Storm, California


Hello Robert

Leaving your house today after the review of the Ultimate Life Guide I was in awe. Reason being that everything, and I mean everything made sense and though I thought this was going to be a short email, I would not be doing justice to you in showing you what this knowledge means to me.

Today, I understand why for years I would start things and not finish them because once I started feeling doubt and fear, I would believe its a sign that this is not what I should be doing.

Even in my prayers, I would thank God for protecting me from continuing to pursue aspirations that obviously were not good for me, because I interpreted the negative feelings as God's protective force upon me!

I really am now in a state of shock that I ever believed that God did not want me to be a success in life and even more shocking, that I accepted that.

I actually believed that I was meant to be a support to others but not actually succeed myself. The rational lies!!!

Turning 32, I began to feel a sudden braveness and I realized that I found thinking that I was not meant to achieve much, unacceptable! I began to believe that the fact that I am able to help others achieve success in their relationships and careers is a strength of mine, and my success and helping someone else achieve success is NOT a mutually exclusive activity.

Today, I know what was making me feel this way and actually "want" to give up. But today, I know without a doubt, that when the negative feelings arise, it is a sure sign of that I am on the right track! Because particularly these last few weeks I have made the conscious decision that, even if its hard, and I feel scared at times, I believe working towards living "my best life" is much more important to me than the negative feelings.

Today, I absolutely believe the thought of not achieving my best life is extremely unacceptable to me. So, I have said this is testimonial one of many because its up to me to ensure a life that will result in testimonial after testimonial.

The objective of today's meeting was I wanted clarity and to learn how to stay permanently in the right state. You helped me to achieve that objective. I drove home with the Ultimate Life Guide next to me in the passenger seat, by the time I reached the freeway, I had placed it on my lap as I wanted it closer to me but I couldn't have it in my hand and drive as well.

Thank you so much! Thank you again.

Bongiwe Nzimande, Johannesburg, South Africa


“I began suddenly getting loads of new business out of nowhere! I pulled in more cash than in last 3 months combined!

It's almost like magic! Thank you!”

Christina Delores, Personal Trainer, Nevada


“Hi Robert,
I have been able to absorb information like a sponge. This is by far one of the most incredible revelations I ever had. I say this because your guide really doesn’t require much study.

The way you explain things are what I admire the most. I almost feel like I knew all this before (and of course I didn't)?! That is how natural your teaching seems to me.

I see the world around me differently, and I am ready to create my own life the way I always wanted it to be.  Thank you for this awesome material. I plan to read it many times..."

- Louise Stoppard, London, UK



I have been thinking about sending you another email, and now am in a good place to position it well.

I was talking to my husband about you, and the one thing that I was trying to get across to him is what I sense from you in so many ways, that you are free in the truest sense of the word.

The fact that you open your home to people like me and help others improve every aspect of their lives, is testimony to this freedom. I suppose as well that we all leave a positive energy behind as well.

You are a good person in the truest sense of the word and we are all lucky as your clients to have met you.

Kindest regards,
Bongiwe Nzimande, Johannesburg, South Africa


I am reading your guide... you are changing my life...

Thank you so much! I don't know whether I attracted you in my life, but I am very glad and grateful to have found you...

You have no idea how good and free I feel right now, probably the same way you felt when you watch your son sleeping...

Thanks for letting me in your life and thanks for all the good that you are doing. You must be like a light at the horizon for so many people out there...

- Sandra Parker, Luxemburg


Hi Robert,

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since we met. I'm sorry I haven't yet sent an email or made contact, but I felt that I would make contact when I'm ready otherwise it would be 'empty' words if you know what I mean.

I've read your guide several times and I must say it's given me a much deeper understanding and enabled me to be much more motivated to do my visualization exercises and develop believe and faith. Every time I read it I'm amazed at the subconscious mind and how most people really are living in 'jail'.

So thank you, your guide and the effort you put into it really did help me to gain clarity and take control of my life. I've done everything you suggest in your guide and can certainly feel a difference within me (that's a great feeling) and am now looking forward and expecting the manifestation of my dreams.

- Tertius du Plessis, Johannesburg, South Africa


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your prompt reply. Your book The Ultimate Life Guide is the best self help book I have come across at the moment.

When you read it you can feel the passion and excitement that went into writing it, it takes over where the Secret leaves off.

It is written in such a way that no one could fail to understand what you are saying. It dots the I.s and crosses the T.s.

Once again thanks for such a great book Robert and all the best to you and yours.

Dr. John Griffiths Ph.D, Porthmadog, UK


I bought the Ultimate Life Guide about 10 days ago and have read it thoroughly, trying to absorb every word.

Your writing is very informative but you manage to combine this with an easy to read approach, and your enthusiasm exudes from every page.

I had previously read ‘The Secret’ and had been attempting to apply all its theories into my life. The Ultimate Life Guide, however, gives a detailed explanation to how this attitude to life can really result in the manifestation of your dreams and certainly satisfied the queries of my scientific mind.

I also signed up for the email support, and on purchasing was unsure what level of communication this would include, but your response to emails has been absolutely excellent, and again your wisdom and enthusiasm comes across continuously.

I am looking forward to further communication with you and enjoying the results of taking that exciting step forwards in my life.

Sophie Rought, Norwich, UK


Find out what these lovely people are talking about. Join them and send me your thoughts too. I feed of hearing your stories, and how I made a difference in someone's life... It's truly inspiring and it makes all my time invested worth it!


I always said to myself that if I make a difference for only
1 person with this Guide of mine, then my purpose is served.
I never expected such an overwhelming response...


From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!


Thank you for being human, for seeking growth and for being willing to push your boundaries and expand your minds. There is a BIG reward for all of you, as many have discovered it already.


Join us on this wonderful journey and lets all create a better world for all of us...


Your No-Risk FULL 8 WEEKS Trial Order Form


You must check each box below to be eligible to participate in this 8 WEEKS "Test Drive"
for this Home Study Course!

I promise to study each and every part of this Course, paying close attention to the careful instruction I'm given on how to manifest my dreams into a reality.

I promise that I will take notes on each topic covered and will then use those notes to apply the secrets I learn into my own life.

I understand that immediately upon placing my order, I will be redirected to a download page where I can access and download The Ultimate Life Guide home study course.

I agree that this is the biggest "no brainer" deal and that I have nothing to lose. It feels right, and I believe that this information will show me how to finally take the control over my life.

I have a full 8 weeks to test drive this Home Study Course and know that if I am not happy with my purchase for ANY reason, that I can simply  get ALL my money back, no questions asked!


The Ultimate Life Guide
Home Study Course



The Ultimate Life Guide Home Study Course
6 Bonus Reports
30 days Email support

$147 USD
(For A Very Limited Time)

Yes - Let me Order Now!