Audio Visual Entrainment


Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) devices use flashing lights and pulsing sound via goggles and headphones to get the human brain into altered states of consciousness.


Lights flashing in the eyes and/or tones pulsing in the ears at different frequencies from 1 to 25 Hz have an influence on brainwave activity. The brain responds to or resonates (mirrors) to the stimuli, being able to speed up or slow down with the stimuli.

Why would you want to alter your brain frequencies? Lets first cover what brain frequencies represent:

- Beta - 14Hz (cycles per second) and upwards

Beta is the alert, working, concentrating state. This is where we spend most of our day time. In normal day-to-day awake state we are at about 16-30 Hz frequency. When we are under stress or under pressure the brain frequency goes way up to 40Hz or as high as 100 Hz. That is why, when we get stressed we are not able to think clearly, and we don't perform at our peak. It is very important to get stress out of our lives. Doctors all over the world agree that in over 80% of dis-ease is caused by stress. When we do get sick, the doctors send us to bed to relax, so that healing can take place.

Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and ADHD) are spending most of their day-to-day time in Alpha and Theta state. They struggle to reach the Beta state which would enable them to concentrate and express themselves properly. This is the main reason why they don't do well in school where in fact - they are all very wise. No wonder they are so clever as we get that when spending time in Alpha or Theta states.

Audio Visual Entrainment devices can stimulate your brain to reach the Beta state. Research has shown that it can be used to help with ADD and ADHD kids and also simply to kick start your day. It's completely safe and you could stop needing a coffee to get your body energized and awake.

- Alpha - 8 to 13.9 Hz

Men and women have different dominant sides of the brain, that is why in general, women are more creative, emotional and intuitive (right brain dominancy) and men are more analytical (left brain dominancy). In Alpha state, we slow down the brain cycles and become very relaxed. That is when you are letting go of your ego, letting your body relax truly. The Alpha state is the desired state of most meditators and it could take you 6-12 months to achieve with everyday training.

The tricky part is to get yourself to Alpha while having your brain hemispheres balanced. When they are balanced in Alpha state, your brain releases Endorphin (natural pain control hormone) and Serotonin (the feel good hormone - natural anti depressant) which enables you to come out of depression and to let stress fade away without the use of any medication.

When in Alpha state we use our whole mind instead of only the dominant side, which enables us to think much better, to be creative in the same time, memory improves and your problem solving ability is at it's peak. Half hour spent in Alpha results in you feeling relaxed, stress free and literally smarter. There are also numerous positive health effects like rapid recovery, healing, enhancing your immune system, better sleeping, peaceful feelings, warm hands and feet, a sense of well-being, improved academic performance, increased productivity in the workplace, reduced anxiety, etc.

- Theta - 4 to 7.9Hz

We are all familiar with The Theta  state. That is when you wake up in the morning but still not fully awake, when you feel your bed absolutely irresistible; that elusive state when you just want to sleep in. To reach Theta state with meditation, it takes about 10-15 years of everyday training.

In Theta, brain suppresses the production of Cortisol, which is an important factor for aging, stressing and our immune system. In contrast, brain produces catecholamines which is vital for learning and memory retention. Theta state is commonly referred to as the dream or “twilight” state. Memory development is enhanced in this state and access to unconscious material, potential change in behaviour, intuition, sudden insight and creative ideas are increased.

Theta is where Psychologist takes you when dealing with repressed memories. It also improves your sleeping patterns. It’s a mysterious, elusive state of mind that comes with many mental and emotional health benefits.

- Delta - 0.1 to 3.9Hz

Delta is the dreamless sleep state. Usually kids sleep in very deep delta, and adults in a very light delta state. When in deep Delta state, the brain produces Human Growth Hormone, which builds bone, muscle, tissue, hair, gives us energy and slows down the ageing process. One of the sessions specifically developed for Fibromyalgia gets us down to just below 1 Hz. In this deep delta state, the brain floods the body with endorphins which relieve pain without the need for pain killers and you can be pain-free for up to a few days.

Audio Visual Entrainment can stimulate your brain to reach states that Tibetan monks and Zen meditators take 10 to 15 years of training to achieve. And it does that in about 8 minutes. No wonder these monks live to be over 100 years old while keeping their vitality and energy levels up. It's a nice way to live as an elderly person, unlike most people having painful and undesirable last years of their lives...

Please bear in mind that ALL above frequencies are completely natural states of your mind. You go from Beta through Alpha to Theta and to Delta every time you go to sleep. Meditation has been used as a technique to calm you down, empty your mind and experience relaxation at levels not possible when under stress or in Beta. It's proven to be highly beneficial state for your mind to be in. And with cutting edge science, we can now stimulate our brain waves with Audio Visual Entrainment devices, achieving states of mind that monks need decades of practice to achieve.

These machines used to cost a fortune and were size of a bedroom. Today, they are truly portable and never easier to use.

Summary of the benefits of using Audio Visual Entrainment devices: deep relaxation, strengthened immune system, accelerated learning, peak mental performance, increased energy, focus and concentration, enhanced creativity, problem solving and intuition, expanded perception, whole brain function (by balancing the two hemispheres of the brain), improved confidence and motivation. Deep meditative states can be easily attained.

"You sit down comfortably, don the electrical headgear, flip a switch, close your eyes and sink into a state of what seems like deep relaxation. A half hour later, as you turn off the machine, you feel extremely alert and lucid. "Your brain is now functioning more effectively than it was before. Your memory - both your ability to memorize new information and to recall information you have already learned - has increased dramatically. Your ability to think creatively, to solve problems, has expanded. The speed with which your brain cells pass messages among themselves has increased. In fact, many of your brain cells have actually grown - a microscopic examination would show that the brain cells have developed more dendrites, the branching filaments that carry messages from one cell to another, and more synapses, the junctures between the brain cells across which impulses are transmitted. You are more intelligent than you were a half hour before. Such devices now exist and are being used by increasing numbers of people".

Excerpt from Michael Hutchinson’s book MEGA BRAIN.

Half an hour on Audio Visual Entrainment device leaves one feeling totally relaxed, stress free, maybe even euphoric and one sleeps well for a couple of nights thereafter. These are the quick easily sensed benefits of AVE, the longer term improvements in memory, emotional wellbeing and health only become apparent over time.

Audio Visual Entrainment is alternative therapy for stress, depression, anxiety, addictions, insomnia, chronic pain, SAD, Fibromyalgia, PMS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), ADD and ADHD. Recovery from illness, surgery, injury, strenuous exercise and jet lag is also accelerated. The use of Audio Visual Entrainment devices enhances mental and emotional health and helps heal unresolved emotional problems. Research is published by the manufacturers on their website: Mind Alive Inc

We import a range of AVE devices from Mind Alive Inc in Canada. They are the original manufacturers of portable AVE devices. These are professionally designed devices used in private homes and by medical professionals. Mind Alive don’t just make equipment, they also do research into how AVE benefits various ailments.

At present, we stock the following models:

(click on models below to see more details)

David Pal

18 Preset sessions
Pulsed tones and Binaural beats
Music Modulation capability
Digitized heartbeat sound

David Pal36

30 Preset sessions
Programmable - software available
Isochronic pulsed tones
Binaural beat and heartbeat
9 volt Alkaline battery included

David Pal with CES

Same sessions as the Pal36
Features identical to Pal36
Built in Cranial-Electro Stimulation device
Variable frequency CES

All devices come with stereo headphones, Tru-Vu Omniscreen eyesets and full manuals. All models come with 9 volt Alkaline battery, and have a full range of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta sessions as well as dual AVE sessions.

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