DAVID PAL with CES Presets

These preset sessions are the latest designs and were designed based upon research. They are provided in three sections.


Section "A" are our stimulating sessions, section "B" are our meditation & relaxation sessions and section "C" are our sleep and special sessions.

Here is a detailed list of the preset sessions:

LIBRARY 1 SESSIONS (L1) - 1 to 18

Beta - Let's Get Alert

Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR)  - Use to achieve relaxed attention.
24 Min
Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR) with Dissociation - Use to improve sleep for those who have insomnia due to a "racing" mind but relaxed body.
40 Min
Beta Perker - A great way to get going in the morning without caffeine. This session helps reduce ADD and SAD symptoms.  May cause anxiety.
20 Min
18 to 20
ADD & Learning - This session has rapid transitions for mental stimulation to help keep the user "engaged" in the session.  Used in the ADD study published in the Journal of Neurotherapy.
26 Min
L 14/R 18 & 10
Brain Brightener - Use with seniors to improve mental functioning and memory.  Based on Budzynski's study.  Similar to ADD and Learning (A4) but uses gentle transitions more amenable for seniors.  Can also be used for ADD.
30 Min
L 14/R 18 & 10
Skill/Sport Enhancement  - Use this session to develop any skill or improve performance. Visualize feeling your best during the first half (alpha) and then visualize your perfect performance during the second half (beta) of the session.
24 Min
7.8 to 18

Alpha - Great for Relaxation and Meditation
Healthy Alpha Relaxer - Healthy alpha is 10 Hz. Most disorders have alpha slowing down. This session re-establishes the natural alpha rhythm.  Good for beginners.  .
30 Min
Extended Deep Alpha Relaxer - Stay relaxed for your dental, massage, chiropractic, and other appointments.
80 Min
Schumann Resonance - For a quick, thorough afternoon meditation. For those on the go.
22 Min
Extended Schumann Resonance - For effective deep meditation & particularly to improve the onset of sleep. Calms "hyper/chattery" minds. Also for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and anxiety. Ideal for those with insomnia who have a busy mind and tense body.
40 Min
"State Five Meditation" - Use for ultra-deep meditation and for sleep. Use to quiet "hyper" minds. Based on Maxwell Cade's work with Zen meditators.
33 Min

Theta The Dream State - Enhance Your Creativity
Theta Hemistep - Use for creative visualization and sleep.
36 Min

Delta - The Sleep State
Meditate to Sleep - Meditate, visualize, and think soothing thoughts during the first half (8 Hz); fall asleep during the second half (3 Hz).
45 Min
8 to 3
Delta - To aid in falling asleep. Best for those with pain. Fall asleep with session running.
45 Min
Sub-Delta - Mildly dissociating.  Calms the hypothalamus. Beneficial for some with fibromyalgia and hypertension.
24 Min
0.5 to 1
Depression Reduction
Alpha/Beta - Settles down negative emotions from the right brain while stimulating the left brain to rebalance alpha asymmetry.
30 Min
L 10/R18


Alpha Relaxer - This session has an alpha front end to reduce anxiety and enhance relaxation 30 Min 10 to L10/R18

Fractionated Hypnosis/Alpha - This session simulates the hypno-therapy process
30 Min
LIBRARY 2 SESSIONS (L2) - 19 - 30

Relaxation and Sleep

"Wise Guy" Alpha - It has been shown that people with fast running alpha waves have higher than average IQs. 30 Min 10.6


Coffee Break Alpha - Great for a little rest during your coffee or lunch break 15 Min 10


Paradise - A gentle slide down to Theta II. Extraverts with low anxiety produce high levels of this frequency. 36 Min 6.5


Sleep - Alpha to Theta - This session can really help to break up distressing thoughts that are interfering with sleep. 36 Min L10/R6

Stimulating Sessions
A5 SMR/Beta - Like the Brain Brightener but more gentle and more entraining. 24 Min L13.5/R18
A6 Mental Flexibility - To "loosen up" a stuck mind.  Can also be used for Fibromyalgia 22 Min 4 to 20
B1 Artistic Development and Creativity - This session stimulates the right brain only.  Helps "left-brained" analytical people feel more spontaneous and creative. 30 Min L18/R0.2
B2 Roller Coaster - This action-packed session is very engaging.  Some with ADD can benefit. 7 Min  
Lucid Dreaming - Sound Sync - Based on audio input. 
Travel on lucid journeys with your favorite music.
B3 Sound Sync - Use with hypnosis and relaxation CDs for deep hypnotic induction/meditation.   6.5
B4 Sound Sync - Use with hypnosis and relaxation CDs for deep hypnotic induction/meditation   7.8
B5 Sound Sync - Use with recorded sporting events or lectures for sports hypnosis and game CDs.   14
B6 Sound Sync - Use with energizing music, lectures or sports recordings.   18


Sessions C1 to C6 in Library 2 are empty for user
designed sessions to be saved and stored.


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